Web Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Mobile Apps in Mohali and Ambala

Web Design & Development

Khurana Technologies offers the best web design & development services in Mohali & Ambala. We have been working in the field for over four years. With our experience and superior skills we are able to create extra-ordinary websites for our clients. Our projects not only look good but perform good as well. We create websites that are fast, appealing, functional and user-friendly.
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Digital Marketing

Internet is the biggest marketplace today. If you get your business online you can get access to millions of potential customers. The easiest way to do that is with social media. A lot of people spend several hours daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All you need to do is reach the right group of people in the right way. And we can help you do that.
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Search Engine Optimization

There is no better way of growing your business then to get on top of search results. More than 99% of people click on the top 3 results on Google. If your website can get a top ranking you will get a ton of traffic. And we can help you with that. Khurana Technologies is the best SEO company in Mohali. We have years of experience and have helped dozens of clients get to the top.
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Graphic Design

Graphic design is a crucial part of brand building. If you want to create a name for your new company you need good graphics. The very first step is obviously logo design. After that there are all sorts of marketing materials, like business cards, pamphlets, etc. But graphic design in Mohali is not just about business. There are personal applications as well.
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Mobile App Development

Earlier mobile apps were only for the big companies, like Zomato food delivery or Ola Cabs. But now every growing business wants to benefit from it. And it is a great way to take your brand to the next level. But to get the return on your investment you need to hire the best company for mobile app development in Mohali.
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