This is the best time to get a Website for your business

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This is the best time to get a Website for your business

The country is under lockdown for 3 weeks due to Corona Virus. This is a very essential and proactive step by our Government. But, it is not easy spending 21 days at home doing nothing. Staying at home for such a long time with nothing to do can be frustrating. However, there is one thing you can get done in these 3 weeks. That is to get a website for your business. Khurana Technologies is one of the leading web development and digital marketing companies in Mohali and Ambala. And here's why this is the best time to get a website.

Lots of free time for active participation

Everybody knows that having an online presence is essential for every business in this day and age. However, most business owners have such a busy schedule that they do not have the time. The process of hiring a developer and explaining your vision for the website can be quite time consuming. You also have to take time to provide contact details, products or services details, etc. It is difficult when you also have a business to run. But right now you are almost free for next 20 days. This gives you time to actively participate in the web development process and provide your valuable input to get an amazing website for your business.

People are passing time on the internet

Internet usage has gone up in the last couple of days. People are spending a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram. This gives us an incredible opportunity. As soon as your website is complete, which takes 5 to 7 days, we can start promoting it online. And because more people are spending time online than usual we can reach to a much wider audience. During these 20 days we can make thousands of people aware about your products or services. And as soon as the lockdown ends, you will start getting the benefits.

Getting started with the website

It is very easy to start. Just give us a call / WhatsApp at 092540-64033 or send email at We will ask a few questions like what your business is about and if there is a website you have in mind for reference. Once we have understood your vision we will start working on your project. We will regularly update you about the progress via call, email or WhatsApp. You can keep informing us about the changes you want. In the meantime, we will also be setting up your social media profiles. As soon as your website is just as you wanted we will start the promotions.

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